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How to Cancel Tatkal Ticket – Cancellation Charges and Rules

How to Cancel Tatkal Ticket

IRCTC offered many services for railway passengers, sometimes it is quite confusing to understand all the services. In our previous article we told you how to book Tatkal article and here we will tell you how to cancel tatkal ticket. In IRCTC there are various rules for various services and they keep on changing time to time. So before cancel your ticket must know the current rules of IRCTC because in some cases railway department is not refund any amount after ticket cancellation. Every Indian citizen must know their rights to avoid any kind of exploitation in their own country. So it is good to know about Tatkal ticket cancellation charges, if you are not aware of this charge then don’t worry here we will tell you all the rule and regulations regarding the cancellation of Tatkal ticket.

If you read our earlier post then you must know how to book Tatkal confirm tickets. In this article, we only talk about Tatkal Ticket cancel charge and rules. Ticket cancellation charges depend on many factors, a timing of Train chart preparation is also one reason that matters on Tatkal ticket cancellation.

IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Cancellation Rules and Charges:

In IRCTC, the rules of cancellation of Tatkal ticket is depended on whether your ticket is confirmed or not. It is very easy to know whether your ticket is confirmed or not only you have to enter your PNR number in the iRCTC official website. Here you have two cases a confirmed ticket and a waiting list.

Cancellation Rules for Confirmed Tatkal Ticket:

According to the rules of IRCTC, there is no Tatkal Ticket cancel refund. It means if your Tatkal ticket is confirmed then you cannot get any refund amount after its cancellation. In that case, if you cancel your ticket your full amount will be lost. But it is good to cancel your Tatkal ticket if you are not traveling because another passenger who wants to travel with waiting list will get train seat fast.

Cancellation Rules for Waitlisted Tatkal Ticket:

According to the rule of IRCTC, you can cancel you Tatkal ticket only if your ticket is on a waiting list. IRCTC will give you a refund of Tatkal ticket but it depends on the cancellation time and status. One of the important note that every train passenger should know that e-tickets can be canceled online only with the account through which you booked that ticket.

You can cancel ticket only before the chart preparation. Full refund of your Tatkal ticket will be given to you only after the deducting of corkage charges per passenger for the Waitlisted tatkal ticket. Ticket cancellation process will be done only before the chart preparation, after chat preparation no refund will be given to you.

If you have booked your ticket from the official site of IRCTC and your complete ticket is in waiting list after the chart preparation of that train then your ticket will be auto cancel and you will receive a full refund to your registered bank account. SO it is beneficial to book your train ticket online. Now there are various modes are available in IRCTC to book your online ticket. In online ticket booking, you can get ticket cancellation refund much faster than the I-booking.

You can also cancel your train ticket partially, yes this feature is also available in India railway department. Now, you can cancel your railway ticket partially but at least one passenger who’s id is registered while ticket booking should travel. If you cancel the ticket of that person whose ID is registered on the ticket then all tickets will be canceled.

The partial cancellation of a ticket is only possible when you booked six tickets and out of six only three tickets are confirmed and other three tickets are on waiting list. At that situation, you can cancel all the waitlisted ticket and you will get a full refund after ducting some nominal charges. Ticket cancellation refund in IRCTC will be automatically initiated by the system itself. In case if you did not receive a refund then you can file TDR from your account. Railway department will solve the problem and refund your money as soon as possible.

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Cancellation of I- Ticket Before Departure Of Trains

You can cancel your I-Ticket at any reservation counter across the country but at that time you will not get any cash refund. Ticket cancellation refund will automatically credit to your registered bank account.

Refund of your ticket shall be made after the deduction of cancellation charge:

  • If your ticket is not confirmed and you cancel your ticket then Rs. 20/- per passenger will be deducted from your refund amount.
  • If you canceled confirmed ticket after 24 hrs than Rs.70 for AC First Class, Rs.60/- for AC 2 Tier, Rs.40/- for Sleeper Class and Rs.20/- for Second Class will be deducted from your amount.
  • If you canceled your confirmed ticket within 24 hrs and 4 hours before the departure of the train, then the applicable cancellation charges will be 25% of the total amount of your ticket.
  • If you canceled your confirmed ticket after the departure of the train then you will not get any refund.

I think now you clearly understand the rules of tatkal ticket cancellation and Tatkal ticket cancellation charges. If you still need any help related to ticket cancellation then you can visit the official site of IRCTC or you can drop your query. We will try our best to solve your query as soon as possible, till then stay tuned with us for more articles related to Indian railways department.

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