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How to Book Tatkal Ticket

The railway’s department of India introduced the feature of Tatkal ticket to facilitate the Indian people so that can book train ticket one day before of their journey. This ticket is specially designed for immediate plans. The booking of Tatkal tickets starts from one day in advance excluding the day of the journey. Previously you can book Tatkal ticket two days before your scheduled journey but now thinks are changed. For example, if you want to travel Delhi on 10 April then you can book your Tatkal ticket on 9 April from 10 AM to 12 AM.

You can easily book Tatkal tickets from the government website IRCTC or through agents. It is very easy to book Tatkal ticket from IRCTC website, only you need to register on this website. In our previous article, we mentioned step by step process to register on IRCTC official website. On 15 June 2015, government of Indian reduce the time of tatkal ticket booking for AC and non-AC classes to
Note: From 15-06-2015, booking of tatkal tickets will be staggered for AC and non-AC classes to 10 am onwards and 11 am onwards respectively. Indian railways also changed the tatkal quota code from CK and CKWL to TQ and TQWL respectively.

It is very difficult to book Tatkal ticket because thousands of people are sitting to book their tickets at the same time. Getting booked tatkal ticket totally depends on the luck and perfect timing. People generally favored to booked general waiting list booking ticket instead of tatkal waiting list ticket because the chances of the tatkal ticket are very less to become confirmed.

Here we mentioned some tips that will help you book confirm Tatkal ticket through IRCTC:

Chances of getting confirmed tatkal ticket is very low because numbers of peoples are booking Tatkal tickets at the same time. So instead of creating one IRCTC account create multiple accounts and try to book tatkal ticket parallel by using multiple computer systems. It will increase the chances of getting a tatkal ticket.

  1. Login to the IRCTC website 5-10 minutes before 10 AM for Tatkal ticket booking.
  2. DO NOT use same IRCTC login credentials on multiple browsers simultaneously, if you do so than IRCTC can detect it and log you out from all sessions.
  3. Keep all the necessary document like PAN card or driving license ready so then you can fill all the details fast without any delay of searching it.
  4. Fill passenger personal details like name, gender etc. before 10 AM for AC class and before 11 AM for non-AC class.
  5. For AC classes ticket booking, always try with 2AC first. In most of the trains, 2A get filled later than the 3A
  6. Keep checking berth availability for tatkal quota.
  7. Use net banking for payment as it is the fastest mode of payment. During payment, keep your mobile phone nearby as OTP verification is mandatory for IRCTC ticket booking.

Procedure To Book Tatkal Ticket Online through IRCTC:

  1. Login to your IRCTC account
  2. Select destination city
  3. Select date of your travel
  4. Enter ticket type
  5. Click on find train option
  6. Then select quota as Tatkal
  7. Click on Book Now
  8. Enter passenger details including Id card details and mobile number.
  9. Then click on Next
  10. Fill details of Bank account
  11. Click on confirm button.

How To Book Tatkal Ticket at Booking Counter:

Every day around 26 million passengers are traveling through Indian railways and it is a fourth largest railway network in the world. Indian railway is playing an important role in the economic growth of India. As our government launched many new trains to facilitate Indian citizens but still many people do not get a train ticket on the time. Now you can book railway ticket through online but if you don’t have a computer system or internet connection then you can also book a tatkal ticket at the counter.

It is very simple to book a ticket at the counter only you need to be patience while booking your ticket. Most of the time you will found large queue in front of the ticket counter therefore if you want to book a ticket at the counter then be there before 8 AM. The only way through which you can get Tatkal ticket at a counter be there early in the morning because many people are a stand in the queue. In railway stations, reservation offices are open from 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday, with a fifteen-minute break at 2 pm. But Tatkal ticket offices are open from 10 AM to 12 AM. Here we mentioned the process through which you can book Tatkal tickets at the counter:

  • Visit railway station before 10 AM
  • Ask ticket officer for Tatkal ticket from
  • Fill the form carefully and write all the required information
  • Sumit the form along with ticket cost to the offer
  • Only cash are acceptable for booking tatkal ticket
  • No cash will be refunded during the time of cancellation of tatkal ticket

Hope this information will help you to book your confirmed Tatkal ticket. All the tips that we mentioned in our article are very easily so follow these tips while booking Tatkal ticket.

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