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What is Premium Tatkal in IRCTC?

What is Premium Tatkal in IRCTC

After the introduction of Tatkal quota, Indian railways has introduced a new reservation quota known as Premium Tatkal. This quota is used to book the tatkal tickets. In October 2014, railway minister of India announced this features to serve railway passengers more effectively. We all are aware of the benefits of Tatkal quota and we can book a train ticket in Tatkal quota one day before the journey. Nitish Kumar introduced Premium Tatkal tickets for those passengers who plans their journey suddenly. The main purpose of introducing this feature is to increase the gross revenue of railways as the cost of Premium Tatkal ticket is high as compared to Tatkal ticket. In this article, we have mentioned some important notes of Premium Tatkal ticket and how to book a premium tatkal ticket through IRCTC.

How to book Premium Tatkal Ticket in IRCTC

For online ticket booking, first of all, you have to register in IRCTC web portal. In our previous, article we mentioned step by step procedure to register in IRCTC account. Here we mentioned step my step method to book Premium Tatkal ticket in IRCTC:

* Visit official website of IRCTC and login into your account by entering name and password

* After login click on the option Plan my journey, which is available on the left side of the window.

* Enter the destination station, origin station and date of journey

* Then click on Search train button

* Train list will appear on your screen

* At the right-hand side, you can see the button of Premium Tatkal option.

* Click on it.

* After that new window will appear on a screen.

* Select the couch in which you want to travel AC or Sleeper

* Then click on Book Now button.

* For payment select payment mode

* Then select your bank name

* After payment click on book now button

* You will receive a ticket confirmation message on your registered mobile number

* You can not use E-wallet for booking Premium Tatkal Ticket

Charges Of Premium Tatkal Ticket

The charges of Premium tatkal ticket is comparatively high as compared to Tatkal ticket. Its charges keep changing. If you every booked the flight ticket then you know the flight ticket’s cost always changes dynamically according to the seat availability in the flight. Just like that, Indian railways follow the same concept for Premium Tatkal ticket booking.

Timing For Booking Premium Tatkal Ticket In IRCTC

After the timing of Tatkal ticket booking, you can book a premium tatkal ticket. You can book Premium Tatkal ticket at any time after. The option of Tatkal ticket booking is available all the time on screen and if tickets are not available then it will say N/A. Usually, Premium Tatkal ticket option is available occasionally not always.

Is Premium Tatkal Ticket cost is equal to normal Tatkal ticket

No, the cost of a premium tatkal ticket depends on the demand for the seats on the train.If the demand for the seats is high than a cost of the tickets will automatically increase and if the demand for tickets is low than the cost of ticket automatically falls down. Because of the huge demand of Tatkal ticket, the charges of tickets are highly increased. There is a huge difference in the cost of Tatkal ticket and Premium Tatkal Ticket.

Suppose 20 Tatkal seats are available then Premium Tatkal will be closed until all 20 seats get reserved. If one day before all 20 seats is occupied at Rs. 800 then next day this Premium tatkal will be opened at Rs. 800. But if the demand for the seats in the same train has decreased then the price of Premium Tatkal ticket will remain same as Tatkal ticket price. You can book Premium Tatkal ticket only through IRCTC. If Premium Tatkal option is available then it will appear on your ticket otherwise it will show Not Available. Mostly this type of ticket is available during festive season like Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandhan and fare of this ticket is also very high. If you are a deep thinker than you will definitely think that how many seats are under IRCTC Premium Tatkal Scheme. According to IRCTC, there are fifty percent seats are available in Normal Tatkal quota but in reality, IRCTC Premium Tatkal ticket is a fall in the category of normal tatkal. Indian railways divided the seats into two parts, seventy-five percent seats for normal tatkal quota and twenty-five percent for Premium Tatkal.

Can we book Premium Tatkal at a railway station?

Most of the people are not aware know that we can not book Premium Tatkal ticket from railway ticket count. You can only book this ticket online at www.irctc.co.in. You can book this tickets from any IRCTC account but remember that you can not use E-wallet to book Premium Tatkal ticket.

Advantages Of Premium Tatkal Ticket

One of the best advantages of Premium Tatkal Ticket is that you always get confirmed ticket and it will never in RAC/WL. The cost of this ticket is high only because of this reason because whenever you booked Premium Tatkal ticket you will get confirmed ticket. Some time meal is also included in Premium Tatkal ticket but it depends if a meal is included in a normal ticket then it will be included in premium ticket also. This is an another reason of high cost of this ticket.

How To cancel Premium Tatkal Ticket

It is very easy to cancel premium tatkal ticket but you will not receive any refund after a cancellation of this ticket. If you want to cancel your Premium Tatkal ticket than login your IRCTC account and click of booking history. In this option, you can cancel your ticket.

Note: Book Premium Tatkal tickets only if you have an urgency otherwise it is a waste of money.

In this article, we mentioned all the necessary information regarding Premium Tatkal Ticket. Hope this will help you to book Premium tickets easily.

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