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How to Get Confirmed Tatkal Ticket

How to Get Confirmed Tatkal Ticket

A few years ago, Indian railway’s department introduced the scheme of Tatkal ticket so their passengers can book their ticket one day before their scheduled journey. The purpose of designing Tatkal ticket is that people can get train tickets for immediate plans. Previously you can book your Tatkal ticket two days before your traveling day but now IRCTC reduced one day to book Tatkal ticket. Now, you can book Tatkal ticket one day before your planned journey from 10 AM to 12 AM. It is not easy to get confirmed Tatkal ticket because thousands of people book their ticket at the same time. On 15 June 2015, Indian railways bifurcate the timing of booking Tatkal ticket. Now you can book Tatkal AC ticket from 10 to 11 AM and non AC Tatkal tickets from 11 to 12 PM.

There are three ways through which you can book Tatkal Ticket i.e from IRCTC website, from railways ticket counter or through agents. Among these three options, online ticket booking is easy as compare to book your ticket from a counter. At the counter, you have to stand in a long queue and it is not necessary that you can get confirmed Tatkal ticket from there. So it is best to book your Tatkal ticket through online website of Indian railways. Here we will tell you the procedure to book confirmed Tatkal ticket from IRCTC official website. Getting confirmed tatkal ticket totally depends on the luck and the strategy that you follow during booking. Only with the help of perfect timing, you can book confirmed Tatkal ticket.

Tips/Tricks to Book Confirmed Tatkal Ticket:

  1. Use multiple IRCTC ID’s to book Tatkal ticket because it will increase the chance of getting confirmed Tatkal ticket.
  2. Use Autofill form and fill all the details of a passenger in this form and use it while filling Tatkal reservation form.
  3. Login you IRCTC website 5-10 minutes before to 10 AM
  4. Don’t use one ID in multiple browsers because IRCTC may block your ID.
  5. Keep document like PAN card, debit/credit card near you.
  6. Fill passenger personal details before 10 AM.
  7. If you want to book Tatkal AC classes ticket then always try to book 2AC first. Because in most of the trains, 2 AC class seats get filled later than the 3A
  8. Keep checking berth availability.
  9. Use net banking or E-wallet for payment during Tatkal ticket booking because they are the fastest mode of payment.
  10. Keep your mobile phone nearby you because during booking you have to enter OTP verification code for your mobile number verification.

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Procedure to Book Confirmed Tatkal Ticket Online:

  1. First get IRCTC Log in to your account with correct User ID & Password.
  2. Then select your origin and destination city.
  3. Select date of your travel and ticket type.
  4. After that click on find train option and select the train in which you want to travel.
  5. Then select Tatkal quota and click on Book now button.
  6. Enter all the required details of Passenger and click on payment.
  7. Select your payment mode.
  8. Enter the details of your bank account.
  9. Booking confirmation message will send to your registered mobile number.

Hope this will help you book confirmed train ticket online easily.

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