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How to Transfer Train Ticket to Another Person Online

Transfer Train Ticket to another Person

After announcing so many new schemes in Indian railway, IRCTC also announced that now passengers can transfer their tickets without losing their money. If you are not aware of this news than read this article because here will tell you whole report about this news. Now if you canceled your plan to travel by train at last minute and can transfer your ticket to someone else so that they can travel in place of you. Yes! This news is absolutely true, you can do this without losing the money of your ticket.

You can do it very easily. Those days are gone when you have to loose your money of train ticket because you are not traveling by train. Passengers are very happy after hearing this news because Indian railways provide many options to a passenger to save their money after ticket cancellation.

The process of transferring ticket is very easy and you can transfer it to your family member or relative. Indian railways introduced this service for those people who lose their money because of last minute ticket cancellation. In this service, a passenger can transfer his/her ticket before 24 hours of the departure of the train in which he/she booked the ticket.

IRCTC put their 100% to serve their passengers and don’t want that their passenger loses their money due to any reason. In our previous articles, we update you about various services of IRCTC and this time we mentioned the process to transfer your ticket to your family member so that they can travel on your behalf.

How To Transfer Train Ticket to Another Person:

  1. To transfer your train ticket follow following rules:
  2. Write an application for transferring your ticket
  3. Submit this application before 24 hours of the departure of the train.
  4. You can also transfer your ticket with the help of any government officer who will present at the time of departure of the train.
  5. Submit the proof of your relationship with the person whom you are transferring your ticket.
  6. Provide your age proof.
  7. Then station master will verify the details of your ticket and allow you to transfer the tickets.

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Limitation of transferring train ticket:

  • Passengers can only transfer their ticket to their family members.
  • Ticket can only transfer one day before the departure of the train.

To whom you can transfer your Train Ticket?-

  • Passengers can only transfer their tickets to their family members including mother, father, son, daughter, husband and wife.
  • Principle can transfer his ticket to the student of his educational institution. In that case, a request must be made 24 hours before the departure of the train.
  • The train tickets can also be transferred to member of party if you are busy on your own marriage.
  • The tickets can transfer from one NCC or military official to another military or NCC official.

We hope that this article will help you to transfer your ticket easily.

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