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How to do IRCTC Registration For NRI or Foreigners?

How to do IRCTC Registration For NRI or Foreigners

We Indian always serve our quest just like Gods. Indian railways also introduced many new features for NRI or foreigners so that they comfortable travel in the trains. For Indian, train traveling is not only comfortable but also pocket-friendly so that every people can travel in it. Every day, millions of people used to travel on a train, the vast network of IRCTC has become an inseparable part of life.

Every year around 6.58 million NRI’s and foreign tourists visit India and this ratio is growing at a very rapid speed. India has a fourth vast network of railways which interconnecting whole country. A number of foreigners travel through a train and enjoy their journey.

IRCTC is very handy web portal which reduces the long queues at the railway stations and people with the help of its new feature can book their ticket 360 days before the journey. In 2012, IRCTC has made major changes in its official website for the ticket booking. Some of the features are specially introduced for foreigners so that they can easily book their tickets through IRCTC. IRCTC always served their passengers in a most effective manner whether they are Indian or foreigners. Yes, this is true, previously foreigners used to faced many problems while booking their railways ticket but now all those problems are eliminated with the help of newly introduced features. In case if foreigner face some problems that they can send E-mail directly to IRCTC and railways department will soon resolve their problem.

How to do IRCTC Registration For NRI or Foreigners
How to do IRCTC Registration For NRI or Foreigners

Steps to do IRCTC Registration For NRI or Foreigners

In our previous articles, we introduced you about various schemes of Indian railways that are specially launched for commoners but this article, we are going to mention some schemes that are designed for NRI and foreigners. A few years back when NRI people travel in Indian, they faced many problems while booking hotel, train tickets and others and because of no Indian contact number, they are enabled to mention any contact number in the forms. But now IRCTC allowed them to mention their international content number in the reservation form. Here we are going to mentioned step by step procedure of IRCTC registration For NRI or Foreigners:

IRCTC we portal has become one of the first choices for reservation and foreigner who visits India will definitely love to book their train tickets through IRCTC. Previously, NIR’s or foreigners can not book their train ticket directly through IRCTC website but now they can register in the IRCTC website to use the website. For IRCTC Registration For NRI, they have to follow following steps:

* Vist IRCTC website and click on Sign UP button.

* Registration for will open your screen, fill all the required details in the form

* Don’t use your name as username, choose a unique name and make it your username.

* Then select the security question and answer. Remember this question and answer because, at the time of password change, you will need this.

* Enter your Name, last name, DOB, gender, and details of your passport. Your Passport is an important document for registration in IRCTC as NRI. For account verification, you will need your passport.

* Enter your mobile number in the form. Here you may get worried if you don’t have any mobile number of India. No need to worry, your answer is here:

1) If you have an Indian mobile number then enter that mobile number and you will receive the verification code in your registered mobile number.

2) If you don’t have an Indian mobile number, then IRCTC gave us an option of a foreign mobile number. Yes now NRI’s or foreigners can use their international mobile number while registering in IRCTC. While entering your number in the form, don’t add your country code, only enter your mobile number in the given box. So, it means IRCTC does not send a verification code to verify the mobile number of NRI’s or foreigners.

IRCTC Registration For NRI

Basically, IRCTC reservation system does not accept alphabets in the box of zip code. In India zip code contain 5 digits and it does not accept more than 5 digit codes.

* After filling registration form, you will receive a confirmation mail from IRCTC in your registered E-mail ID.

* Then click on activation link that you received in your email and activate your account.

* Now you can easily book your train through IRCTC

* In case you forget the password of your IRCTC account then you can reset it but for this, you have to remember your security question and answer.

Hope this article will surely help foreigners or NRI’s for booking their train tickets. We believe that everyone knew their rights in the different country so that they can use it for their welfare. India has a country in which millions of people of different cast and religion are living together happily and they love to welcome their guests. Foreigners are our guest and we want that they feel relief and joy in our county. With the same thinking, IRCTC has many schemes in their mind which will soon hit the floor for the welfare of Foreign tourist. Many states of Indian are growing just because of tourism and earn crores every year because of tourism. So it’s our responsibility to make our travel and tourism facilities better so that we can increase the number of foreigner tourist.

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