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IRCTC Cancellation Charges for 3AC,2AC,1AC,SL

IRCTC ticket cancellation charges

A few years back, no refund facilities were available in the Indian railways for ticket cancellation. But now there are many schemes are available for ticket cancellation refund. Refund on the canceled tickets is a major factor for all the travelers and that show about each and every scheme that were introduced on the behalf of ticket cancellation. IRCTC charges a certain amount for ticket cancellation which is based on either flat rate of IRCTC cancellation charges or a percentage of amounts that deducted from the fare price of a ticket as cancellation charges for the online ticket. The cancellation charges for a train remains same whether you book your ticket from RCTC web site or through any travel agencies. The deduction of cancellation amount also depends on the time of cancellation of a ticket when a passenger canceled his ticket before 48 hours of his journey that only 25 % will be deducted from the actual amount of the ticket and rest of the amount will be refunded to his account. If passenger canceled his ticket before 12 hours of his journey than 50 % will be deducted from the actual amount of the fare and rest of the amount will be refunded to you in your registered account.

Cancellation of Railway Tickets

Now you can cancel your railway’s ticket with the help of online services of IRCTC which is launched by Indian Railways. The charges of IRCTC for the train ticket cancellation is changed on the basis of cancellation timing and couches in which you booked your ticket. A passenger can cancel their tickets online util the chart of a train has prepared. The chart of the train in prepared before 4 hours of the departure of the train. If a chart is prepared, then you can not cancel your tickets. If your ticket is on a waiting list and you canceled in before the making of chart preparation that you will get a full refund of the ticket as per existing rules of Indian railways.

IRCTC Cancellation Charges for Confirmed e-tickets

IRCTC is designed different-different slaps for ticket cancellation which is based on the status of the train ticket like whether the ticket is partially or fully canceled, the timing of the ticket cancellation, a distance of the journey and date of the journey. Here we mentioned standard cancellation charges of the ticket

  • IRCTC cancellation charges for Second Class is Rs 60
  • IRCTC cancellation charges for Sleeper Class is Rs. 120
  • IRCTC cancellation charges for 3 AC is Rs. 180
  • IRCTC cancellation charges First Class is Rs. 200
  • IRCTC cancellation charges for Executive Class is Rs. 240

E-Ticket Cancellation Charges for Waiting List

If you cancel your ticket online then Rs. 65 will be deducted from the fare amount of the ticket. If you booked your ticket online and it is in waiting list than your ticket will automatically cancel if not get confirmed till the chart preparation.

Things You Should Know Before Cancel your Ticket Online

  • You can cancel your ticket online only if you booked the ticket online from the same account.
  • You can not cancel your E-ticket from the ticket window at railways station
  • You can only cancel your E-ticket with the same IRCTC account from which you booked it.
  • If your E-ticket is in waiting list then it will automatically cancel before the preparation of chart.
  • If you canceled your E-ticket before 4 hours of the departure of the train then no refund is given on the cancellation of confirmed ticket.
  • If you booked three tickets with the same Id and then canceled the ticket of a person whose ID is used to book all the tickets, then whole tickets will be automatically canceled.
  • If you are not traveling then you can transfer your tickets to your family members.
  • You can not cancel Premium Tatkal tickets
  • You will not get any refund after cancellation of confirmed tatkal ticket
  • Rules and regulation for IRCTC ticket cancellation

The cancellation charges of waiting tickets or RAC tickets vary, usually, if your ticket is in RAC or waitlisted than no amount will be deducted from the cost of the ticket. Only clerk-age charges will be deducted from the fare amount and refund amount will transfer to your account. If you don’t know about clerk age charge then don’t worry, here we are going to what is it. Actually, clerk age is a charge that is imposed for clerical work. The minimum clerk age charge is Rs.65/- per passenger for all classes, except Second Class, Unreserved Tickets

Can Tatkal or Premium Tickets be Canceled?

One question that always strict on our mind that whether we can cancel Tatkal tickets or not. Here is your answer with a full declaration. Yes, you can cancel your Tatkal ticket as well as Premium Tatkal ticket but no amount will be refunded to you. It means if you cancel your Tatkal ticket then you will loose your full amount. if you are not traveling then it is good to cancel Tatkal ticket so that a needy person can travel on your behalf. But if you canceled waitlisted and RAC tickets, then will get a refund after deduction of cancellation charges.

Ticket Cancellation Charges for Partially Confirmed and Partial RAC / WL tickets

In some cases, when you booked many tickets through IRCTC website then maybe you will not get all confirmed tickets. For example, if you booked 6 tickets for 6 passengers but only 3 tickets are confirmed and other tickets are waitlisted or in RAC then you will get a certificate from the Ticket Examiner, then he will provide seats for that passenger who are not traveling. You can also file a TDR online and after deduction of 30 Rs. per passenger all amount will be refunded to you Alternatively, if passengers having RAC ticket can travel on the train then no cancellation is permissible. If a person has waiting list ticket than he cannot permissible to travel. They can file TDR after obtaining a certificate from the ticket master.

If passenger canceled his whole ticket, then some cancellation charges are deducted and the full amount is deducted for RAC tickets.

How To Cancel I-Tickets

It is very easy to cancel I-ticket, for I-ticket cancellation, first you have to visit railways station and ask ticket counter officer for ticket cancellation form. After that, you have to fill all required information in the form and submit it into the ticket window. You will get a refund in your bank account which you mentioned in the form.

Cancellation Charges of I-Tickets

If you want to cancel your I-ticket then you should visit railways station and submit a photocopy of computerized reservation center slip. After deducting some cancellation charges, the whole amount will be transferred to the respective account number. You can not receive cash refund after a cancellation of I-ticket. I tickets can be canceled before 4 days of the departure of the train. A passenger can not cancel I-ticket between 72 hours of scheduled departure date of the train. You can not cancel your I-ticket online.

Note :

The refund amount of ticket cancellation does not include service charges of ticket booking and additional bank charges. If a passenger has booked their tickets through a third-party website, they have to pay some additional services charges but during the time of ticket cancellation, that amount is nonrefundable.

Hope all the above-mentioned information will help you to claim for refund after the cancellation of your train ticket. If still, you have any query related to ticket cancellation refund then you can ask your question to the customer care executive of Indian railways. They will help you to resolve your problems. For more latest news related to IRCTC, stay tuned with us.

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