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What is TDR in IRCTC? How To File TDR? TDR Full Form?

What is TDR in IRCTC? How To File TDR? TDR Full Form

TDR Full form Ticket Deposit Receipt, it is a basic terminology that is used in Indian railways. Recently IRCTC has launched its new service in which railway passenger can file TDR through its official website. TDR is basically designed for those passengers who did not travel by train due to some reasons. Here mentioned following reasons in which passenger can file TDR:

* If train canceled by Indian railways

* If Passenger Not traveled

* If train running late more than 3 hours

* If AC is not running properly in AC compartment

* Difference in the fare in case proper coach not attached

* If TTE charged wrongly

* If passenger partially traveled

Above all mentioned reasons are valid to file TDR in IRCTC and for this, now you don’t need to go to railway station because you can file TDR online through your IRCTC account. If a person did not travel in the train due to above-mentioned reason than he/she can file TDR and get the decent refund amount of the ticket which they booked.

Rules of TDR for i-Ticket

In passenger is traveling on a train and want to surrender his/her I -Ticket than he/she has to talk with station master and obtain TDR within 30 days from the date of traveling. Then send your claim for a refund along with the original copy of the TDR to the following address:

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd.

1stFloor, Internet Ticketing Centre

IRCA Building, State Entry Road

New Delhi 110055.

Note: If you booked your train ticket from the railways counter then you cannot file a claim online.

The TDR Refund will be processed as per Extant Railway Rules:

When IRCTC received a TRD claim from passenger than they forwarded it to railways department to initiate the process of refund and then refund amount will be credited back to the same account through which passenger made payment after receiving the confirmation from the concerned Railways.

Rules of Ticket deposit receipt for E-Ticket

If you booked your ticket online then you can claim for TDR through the same IRCTC account by which you booked the ticket. A person can claim online for TDR and can track the status of their claim. For filling TDR online, follow following steps:

* Login your IRCTC account by entering Username and password

* Then click on My Transactions option

* After that click on the file TDR link that is mention on the left panel

When IRCTC received your claim, it forwards your claim to railways department and when they confirmed your claim then return amount will be credited to your registered bank account. In a case of e-ticket, the Refund Office of the Zonal Railways of destination station processed the process of refund. If you booked your railways ticket through age then you can not file TDR online.

When customers send such request to the agents then they send a mail to etickets@irctc.co.in including following details PNR Number, Date of Journey, Transaction Id, Train Number, Passenger Name, Age, Gender and reason for TDR.

How to File TDR for E-ticket

It is very easy to file TDR for E-ticket. Use following steps for the same:

* Open your IRCTC account

* Click on services menu

* Then select File Ticket Deposit Receipt option

* You can also file TDR from My Transactions option

* Then select Old Transaction History

* Here you will find link to file TDR, click on that like

* After that, you will receive a message of successfully filing TDR.

* For any other query, you can send a mail to etickets@irctc.co.in

You can also file TDR If you booked your train ticket from third party website. In that case

* Login your third party account

* Click on My Transaction

* Then clicked on Booked Ticket history,

* Select the train ticket for which you want to file TDR

* After that click on transaction id

* Click on File TDR.

* You have successfully filed your TDR

How to File TDR for Tatkal Ticket?

Many people think that can they file TDR for Tatkal Ticket, here we are going to clear their doubt.

You can not file TDR for a tatkal ticket. No refund will be issued after a cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets.

Tatkal tickets are created for immediate travel and we can not file TDR on this ticket. If we canceled waitlisted Tatkal ticket, then we will get a refund after deduction of some amount. We all know that it is very difficult to book confirmed Tatkal ticket so if you are not traveling than at least cancel your ticket so that someone else can travel by using that ticket. You can also transfer your ticket to your family members but for this, you have to send a request before 2,3 horse of departure time of the train.

In Tatkal ticket, partial cancellation is allowed but the passenger who booked the tickets by using his ID card must be travel on the train. If the passengers whose ID card details is printed on ERS/VRM is canceled then all the tickets along with that ticket will automatically cancel.

Hope our article will help you’re to file TDR against your confirmed ticket. Though it takes a time to get a refund on the account, but is good to file TDR, if you are not traveling due to some reason. The reason behind writing this article is to make people aware about TDR facility which was introduced by IRCTC in last year. If you have still any doubt related to TDR or any other features of IRCTC, then you can drop your query below, we will try to solve it soon.

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