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How to download, save or print an E-Ticket as PDF file from the IRCTC


Today most of the people prefer E-ticket booking because it is handy and faster than the counter booking. IRCTC has announced that the confirmation SMS of E-ticket booking is itself a proof of ticket that passenger can show to the ticket inspector. But still, some people carry print outs of their tickets while traveling. In this page, we are going to mentioned step by step procedure to download E-ticket as PDF file from IRCTC.These steps will definitely useful for that person who wants to print their E-ticket which is issued by Indian railways. At the time booking, if you don’t have a printer than don’t worry, save a soft copy of your E-ticket to your computer and move this ticket on your pen drive. To save the E-ticket in the PDF form, follow following steps:

Steps to download, save or print an E-Ticket as PDF file from the IRCTC

1 First of all download the PDF printer software on your desktop/laptop

2 Then install the software to add the PDF Printer

3 Install this software with a basic setting so that it will automatically add your printer with the name of BioPDF, to your control panel.

4 After booking your ticket successfully, click on the print option that is available on the left side corner of your system screen.

5 Then print your E-Ticket using the PDF Printer

6 When to select the print option, it will ask you to select printer

7 Select BioPDF option

8 Then click the Print Button.

9 Use PDF file to print, save or transfer your IRCTC E-ticket

10 You can transfer your ticket by pen drive, mail or any other media.

It is very easy to download E-ticket in laptop or mobile phone only if you know proper procedure. It is your choice to print this ticket or not because if you can also show downloaded e-ticket to TT then it is also a valid proof of confirmed ticket.

After so many efforts and schemes, still many people are unaware of the latest schemes and features of IRCTC, we always try to update Indian citizens about their rights in Indian railways so that they can use it very well. All the new schemes of IRCTC are revolutionary steps toward digital India scheme and it seems that soon Indian will become a digital country in which all work will perform through digitalization.

Many new apps are launched for online payment in IRCTC not only for payment but also for inquiry. All these efforts of IRCTC are really appreciable and lighten the ray of hope in very Indian citizens that better days are coming soon in India by improving the economic growth of our nation.

If you have found any difficulties while downloading your E-ticket then visit the official website of IRCTC. You can also write your query in a comment box, we will try to resolve your problem soon.

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