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Complete Guide IRCTC Travel Insurance Policy – Benefits, Features and Coverage

Guide IRCTC Travel Insurance Policy

IRCTC has introduced optimal facility for train passengers, this facility helps passengers to secure their lives. IRCTC travel insurance policy offer insurance cover for passengers only in Rs. 1. Yess!! this an absolutely true, now the passengers who are booking their tickets online can select the IRCTC travel insurance option while booking the ticket only in Rs.1. For taking this insurance policy, passengers must have to pay a premium amount which is less than Rs.10 per ticket.

If you are thinking that The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation will provide you an insurance cover when you will meet with an accident during travel then you are wrong. Actually, IRCTC is only a medium between you and insurance companies. Actually, it is an insurance company which will provide insurance cover to a passenger when they will meet with an accident during travel. Three insurance companies i.e CICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited, Shriram General Insurance Company and Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited are responsible for travel insurance cover.

What is an Insurance Premium?

An insurance premium is an amount that train passenger pay for the IRCTC travel insurance policy. IRCTC announced that it will provide compensation of Rs. ten lakh in case of some permanent disability or even death and Rs.7.5 lakh will provide to people who meet with a partial permanent disability during travel. IRCTC also provide Rs.2 lakh for hospital expenses and Rs.10000 for transportation.

When Passenger Claim for IRCTC Travel Insurance?

A passenger can claim for IRCTC Travel Insurance in following conditions:

  1. During the travel when an accident occurs either by a collision between two trains or the derailment of a train carrying the passenger.
  2. In a case of an unexpected railway, an incident occurs.
  3. The amount of insurance cover is similar for all classes and available for e-ticket booking as well as for i-ticket booking.

Benefits and Features of IRCTC Travel Insurance:

  • The IRCTC travel insurance scheme is very beneficial for the railway passengers for the following reasons:
  • The IRCTC travel insurance policy is available for passengers who booked their tickets online as well as offline.
  • It is not mandatory to take this insurance scheme, it is an optional insurance scheme. If passengers are not interested in taking this scheme they can skip the option.
  • IRCTC insurance scheme is available for all kinds of classes. For example, if you are traveling from sleeper class or from AC- 1 class, the amount of insurance cover is same in both cases.
  • The premium amount of the IRCTC insurance is very low, it is only Rs. 10 per ticket.
  • If multiple tickets have been booked under only for one PNR, then this insurance will cover all the train passengers.
  • IRCTC insurance scheme offers a good amount of money for the passenger who met with an accident during their train journey.
  • The premium of the insurance policy depends on the duration of a journey as well as the distance of the journey.

Who are covering from IRCTC Travel Insurance Policy:

  • All Indian Railways passengers of any class whether from sleeper or AC are covered in this scheme.
  • Passengers who are of 5 years or above 5 years are covered in IRCTC insurance scheme.
  • Vikalp trains, short termination and divert routes are also covered in this policy. If any person met with an accident with some another transport for traveling can claim for insurance covers. However, in that case, Indian Railways are only responsible for the arrangement of alternate transport.
  • Insurance should be claimed within 4 months of an accident by nominee
  • The insurance company will send the cheque to the nominee within 15 days after a claim is made.

Limitation Of IRCTC Travel Insurance:

Here we mentioned some limitations of IRCTC Travel Insurance policy:

  • IRCTC travel insurance is not applicable for the Suburban train’s passengers
  • Only confirmed ticket falls under the insurance scheme
  • Children under the age of 5 years are also not cover in the travel insurance policy.
  • This travel scheme is not applicable for foreign passengers.

ICRTC Travel Insurance Policy Example:

Using this link, the details of the nominees are easily updated in case of any mishap happens occurred during a train journey. If passenger failed to fill up the information of the nominee, then insurance scheme will automatically take all its legal rights or guarantees. Passengers can easily get the insurance and policy details which are at the booked tickets history pages available on the official IRCTC website.

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