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How to Delete IRCTC Account Permanently Online

Delete IRCTC Account Permanently

Unfortunately, a person can not delete his/her IRCTC account manually. It is very easy to create IRCTC account but at the same time, it becomes a headache to delete IRCTC account permanently.
Most of the people are aware how to create New IRCTC account in Indian railways official website but only few people know how to delete IRCTC account.

Reasons for deleting IRCTC account:

  • The user is not using the account for online ticket booking.
  • User may afraid for online transactions
  • User probably forgot the password
  • If user have multiple IRCTC accounts

Procedure to Delete IRCTC Account Permanently:

The railway’s department has the ability to deactivate IRCTC accounts anytime If they found anything wrong in user’s account. If a user is not using his/her IRCTC account, then railways department has authority to deactivate it without any alert. But if you want to deactivate yourself then it is not possible.

Unfortunately, IRCTC does not allow a user to deactivate their IRCTC account themselves. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation monitor all user’s accounts themselves to detect fraud activities and if it found any suspicious accounts than they deactivate it at the same time. If you want to deactivate your IRCTC account then you have to send a request to IRCTC to deactivate your account. Here we are going to tell you how to deactivate IRCTC account. If you active on social sites then you must know how to deactivate a normal account on other websites. But the procedure of deactivating IRCTC account is quite different.

  • First, go to the official website of IRCTC i.e
  • Then click on profile menu.
  • Click on deleting your account.

But it is not as simple as it appears. IRCTC account does not provide any option to delete the IRCTC account. It only provides options like subscribe, unsubscribes, updates and reset your profile. There are any other options are available on the site but unfortunately, there is no option available to delete the account. There is no particular protocol designed by railways department to delete train booking account.

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Deleting IRCTC Account Permanently by sending Email:

You cannot delete your IRCTC account yourselves but you can send the request to IRCTC to delete your account automatically. Write a mail and requesting them to delete your IRCTC account and send it to along with login id and password. you can also call on 011-39340000 or on 044-25300000 for more information.

How to Delete IRCTC Account Permanently

Another method through which you can delete your IRCTC account is that fill all the wrong information in your account and make it fake. Enter a fake number in it and when IRCTC will verify it and found that all the information are not true then they will automatically delete the account by itself.
Hope this article will help you to delete your IRCTC account. Though there is no proper step to delete the IRCTC account but with all these efforts that we mentioned above will help you to deactivate your account permanently.

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