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Consider for Auto Upgradation in IRCTC Explained

Consider for Auto Upgradation in IRCTC Explained

The Indian railways have introduced many new features to improve the condition of Indian railways to as to generate high gross revenue. After so many schemes, IRCTC commences its new scheme i.e auto up gradation in IRCTC. Very few people know about this option in IRCTC website. If you open your IRCTC account then there ‘What is consider for auto upgradation‘ option is also available which is used to allocate seat in AC classes if any seats are vacant there. In this page, we will describe in details about auto up gradation in IRCTC and benefits of this option while booking E-ticket. This is an amazing scheme launched by Indian railways because after this changes of getting confirmed ticket is increased.

The train is considered as a most comfortable medium of transportation after airways. But because of an unconfirmed ticket, many people travel in a general department which is not saved for women as well as children. This is the reason IRCTC added this option to their online website. Consider for Auto Upgradation in IRCTC option is also available in offline train ticket booking, but very few people are known about it. In reservation form there is an option of this scheme, you need to tick on this option and submit your reservation in the counter window. Many people think that auto up gradation option is only available for E-ticket booking, therefore, they never check this option in the offline reservation form.

So, it is important to read the whole form carefully and fill all the information correctly to avoid delay. It is advisable to use Auto Upgradation in IRCTC may be you will get confirmed AC ticket and can travel comfortably.

What is ‘Consider For Auto Upgradation’ Option in IRCTC

Consider For Auto Upgradation is a feature of IRCTC through which one can request for a BERTH in higher class if any seat is available there. For example if you have booked train ticket online in sleeper class and you selected the option of ‘Consider For Auto Upgrading’ but after payment you found that your ticket is in waiting list then at the time of departure of that train if there is vacant seat available in 3AC class then it will be allotted to you. Yes, this is just like a winning jackpot. On 25th January 2006, railways minister introduced this scheme to facilitate Indian citizens. Initially,this scheme was implemented only on few trains but after its amazing result this scheme in implementing in all the trains of India.

Previously a number of seats remain vacant in Indian railways because of sudden ticket cancellation. To use those tickets railways department introduced many schemes so that no seats of train remain vacant. Before this scheme, many people received waiting list ticket even when seats were available on the train. But now all those problems are sorted out after the introduction of this scheme.

Let understand this scheme is more simple words:

If you booked 3 tickets in sleeper class of Indian railway but your all tickets are in waiting list. In the same train when 3 seats are available in 3AC class then all three passengers will be shifted to 3 AC class. But I am sure one question is definitely arising in your mind that is “Is passenger have to pay any extra charges for this up gradation ?”

Here is your answer, no you don’t need to pay any extra charges, this is the free scheme to utilize the vacant seats in Indian railways. To use this benefit always check Consider for Auto Upgradation option while booking E-ticket. Maybe you will receive 3 AC ticket in the cost of sleeper ticket.

Is Consider For Auto Upgradation is available only for E-ticket?

No, “Consider For Auto Upgradation” option is available for both online and offline ticket booking. When you are booking railways ticket from a counter, then there is an option of Considering For Auto Upgradation in the reservation form. Click on this option and fill all the required details in it and submit the form into ticket window.

How Consider For Auto Upgradation option works?

At the time of chat preparation of selected train, auto up gradation option is executed. IRCTC designed a software for this scheme which allocates the 3 AC tickets to those passengers who have waiting list trains. Here we mentioned three conditions which must be fulfilled to take the benefit of Considering Auto Upgrade option:

* At least 1 seat available in 3AC class at the time chart preparation.

* Passenger should have waiting list ticket of lower class

* Only waiting list ticket of general quota can be upgraded in this scheme. If a passenger has waiting list ticket of senior citizen quota or ladies quota then their ticket can not consider for auto up gradation

Is Consider For Auto Upgradation option required extra charge?

No, this scheme is absolutely free, under this scheme passenger can enjoy the benefits of 3 AC class in the cost of sleeper ticket. The Consider For Auto Upgradation option follow FCFS rule it means First Come First Serve. If a passenger has booked a waiting ticket and got waiting number 3 then their chances of getting a seat in higher class will be at 3rd position and if a passenger has 1 waiting list then he will get 3 AC ticket first.

We cover all the important notes related to Consider For Auto Upgradation option, hope this page will help you to understand this scheme more deeply. Still, if you have any query related to this scheme then you can visit the official website of IRCTC or you can drop your query below.

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