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How To Book Train Ticket By SMS?

How To Book Train Ticket By SMS

Indian Railways has continuously trying to improve their railway’s department by introducing many services. These services not only facilitate the passengers to book train ticket easily but also open many doors of employments. Millions of peoples are associated with IRCTC and work dedicatedly to serving railways passengers. E-ticket is one of the great initiatives of IRCTC through which millions of people book their train tickets from home only. The platform of IRCTC website is user-friendly therefore you can run this website in any device like desktop/laptop or mobile phones.

To increase the reach of E-ticket, IRCTC has announced the SMS services through which people can book their railway’s tickets format their mobile phone without having an internet connection.

How To Book Train Ticket By SMS

How To Book Train Ticket By SMS
How To Book Train Ticket By SMS

The objective behind launching this scheme is that people can book their ticket easily and comfortably.
This strategy is also booted up the potential of mobile phone market in India so that Indian people can book their tickets hassle free at anywhere and anytime. In this article, I am going to mentioned detail description about how to book train ticket by SMS. Currently only registered user can book their railways ticket through SMS service. Basically, there are two options for booking railways ticket through SMS i.e USSD (Menu-based dialing) and SMS Based Booking. You can use these options only if your mobile number is registered in IRCTC and your bank.

Here we mentioned step by step procedure to book Train Ticket By SMS

* Type SMS and send it to 139 from your registered mobile number

* Your SMS should be in the given format

“BOOK <TrainNo> <FromCity> <ToCity> <TravelDate(DD/MM)> <Class> <Passenger Name> <Age> <Gender>

You can book only six tickets through SMS service

For example:
BOOK 12011 NDLS CDG 1506 CC Tina 24 F

If your format is correct then you will receive a message from 139 in which following parameters are mentioned:

Transaction ID
Ticket Price
Service Charge
Seat Availability
Total Amount payable

For example

TID: 2503469 Ticket Price: 509 Service Charges: 20 Total Amount: 529 Seat: AVAILABLE- 0219. For Payment: SMS PAY <TID> IMPS <MMID> <OTP> IRCTCUserID to 139

2 Send all the above parameters to 139 for Payment.

Your SMS should be in a given format

“SMS PAY <Transaction ID > <IMPS> <Your MMID> <OTP > <IRCTCUserID>

For Example

SMS PAY 2501369 IMPS <MMID> <OTP> Tina

After that, you will receive an SMS of successfully booking.

You will receive an SMS from 139 on successfully booking your ticket.


If you want to cancel your confirmed ticket but you are busy in your daily work then don’t worry because now you can cancel your railway’s ticket through mobile phone:

1 If you want to cancel your entire ticket than follow following steps:

* Send cancellation SMS to 139 from you registered mobile number through which you booked your ticket.

CAN <10 Digit PNR> <IRCTC UserID>
For Example:

CAN 2345678502 Tina

* Remember you can cancel your railway’s ticket via mobile phone only if you booked the ticket through SMS service.

* After that, you will receive a message from 139

“We have received your request to cancel your ticket. Please confirm the cancellation by sending YES to 139.”

* After receiving this SMS, you need to confirm the cancellation of your ticket by sending an SMS as “YES” to 139.

* After that, you will again receive a message from 139.

“Your ticket for passenger < Name> with PNR Number: 2345678502 is canceled. Refund Amount: 509 only.”

2 If you want to cancel your ticket Partial

1.Send an SMS to 139 for partial cancellation In this format.

Your SMS should in the given format

CAN <10 Digit PNR> <IRCTCUserID> <Passenger Name><Passenger Number>

For Example:

CAN 2345678502 Tina 13

2 After that send SMS “YES” to 139 for the confirmation of ticket cancellation.

3 When you send SMS successfully then you will receive a given message
“Your ticket for passenger <Passenger Name> with PNR Number: 234567502 is canceled. Refund Amount: 509 only.”

As we mentioned above, you can also book your railways ticket through USSD (Menu-based dialing). Follow following steps to book a train ticket via USSD.

Note: Currently USSD services are only available in Airtel Money

Airtel subscribers Dial *400# on their mobiles to activate USSD services

* When you will dial *400# on your mobile number, a menu will appear on your phone screen

* Select ‘book tickets’ option then select ‘reservation’

* After that enter all the required details like your journey date, station, train no, class, etc

* Then enter your MPIN for payment through mobile wallet

3. After payment, you will receive a booking confirmation message sent by IRCTC

Please note that you cannot book Tatkal railways ticket through USSD. If you want to book Tatkal ticket than having to log in your IRCTC account because booking of Tatkal is ticket is only possible through IRCTC or from the ticket counter at a station. Hope all the above-mentioned information will help you to book or cancel your ticket by mobile phone. For more news and updates regarding IRCTC, stay tuned with us.

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