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Vijayawada – Travel Guide to Vijayawada tourist places

There is a saying about beauty, ‘Beauty is in the eye of beholder’. Just like the beautiful things are eye catching, the beauty of places attracts a traveller and Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh is known as the city of travellers.
The word ‘Vijaya’ in terms of Hindi means Victory and therefore Vijayawada is also known as ‘the place of Victory’. With delicious organic products, exciting desserts and beautiful wonders the city of Vijayawada is something more than just a city it can be termed as traveller’s paradise.

You have visited many different places and planned trips and tours for a specific purpose but planning a trip to Vijayawada will not only give you multiple purposes but also multiple gains as Vijayawada is encompassed by water bodies on its three sides and a mountain on the fourth side, giving the city an awesome beautiful excellence.

Vijayawada – An Overview

Vijayawada is commercial capital of Andhra Pradesh, situated on the banks of river Krishna is 5 km away from the state capital Amravati on the other side of the river.

The temperature in Vijayawada ranges between 23 degree Celsius to 35 degree Celsius and the city has a tropical climate. That is why the best time to visit Vijayawada, India is in winters from October to March as Vijayawada weather is quite cold in these months.

The language is spoken in the traveller’s city Vijayawada is Telugu.

Vijayawada Airport recently, on May 3rd, 2017 was upgraded from domestic to international and its bus station is considered as fourth largest and busiest bus terminal in the country while its railway station is classified as A1 category and is one of the busiest railway stations in the country and major cities, Hyderabad to Vijayawada, Banglore to Vijayawada and Vijayawada to Vishakhapatnam is connected through all the three modes of conveyance.

Places to visit in Vijayawada

There are many tourist places in Vijayawada where you can experience the nature’s beauty as well as historical monuments.

The best of Vijayawada tourist places include:

1.  Bhavani Island Vijayawada

Bhavani Island Vijayawada
Bhavani Island Vijayawada

Bhavani Island is the largest island in the Krishna River and is located 4 km from the city nearby Prakasam Barrage. With the picturesque beauty of the island, you can experience different water sports like boating, fishing, swimming etc. Apart from the water sports, the island consists beautiful gardens and mangrove, and thereby the place is an ideal picnic spot also.

2. Undavalli Caves
Undavalli Caves
Undavalli Caves

One of the earliest types of Caves in Vijayawada, the Undavalli Caves were cut-out from solid sandstone hills, and the caves are one of the finest examples of rock cut Indian architecture. The cave is four storied which depicts the ancient art work on sculptures and idols of Lord Vishnu and Shiva and also Buddhist monasteries and the architecture and paintings are eye catching and the place turns out to be a beautiful destination for photographers and for explorers too.

3. Prakasam Barrage

Prakasam Barrage
Prakasam Barrage

The tourist hotspot in the city of travellers is Prakasam Barrage, people spend some quality time over here by walking through approximately 1225 metre long barrage alongside the scenic beauty of the lake and an awesome vibe of night cool wind. You can enjoy a lovely sunset over here with you near and dear ones.

4. Kolleru Lake

Kolleru Lake
Kolleru Lake

If you are a bird watcher then this place awaits you. Kolleru Lake is the largest fresh water lake in the country and also a home for different birds including Teals, Cormorants, Bill Storks, etc. that migrates from Australia, Egypt and Siberia.
Even if you are not actually a bird watcher the place still excites you with its astonishing beauty.

5. Kondapalli Fort

Kondapalli Fort
Kondapalli Fort

An attractive and colourful fort built in 1306 with a wonderful architecture believed to have been established for recreation, business and trade. The fort is most famous for its gates.

Yes you read it right, the gates of the fort made it a little more famous as the main entry gate called Dargha Darwaja is made out of a single block of granite.

Apart from its rich historical presence the fort also offers a dazzling view of the city. Another point of interest here, when you are visiting the fort is light weight colourful handmade toys also known as Kondapalli Toys.

There are much more of scenic beauties and historical monuments in the city not only the above mentioned five and aside from the visitor puts the city additionally offers some mouth-watering treats.

Famous Restaurants in Vijayawada

1. Violin Restaurant

Violin Restaurant
Violin Restaurant

From breakfast to afternoon tea and from business lunch to leisurely dinner, the restaurant will fulfil your hunger with a fantabulous menu of dishes. The restaurant offers you delicious north and south Indian food along with Chinese and seafood. The best part is that the restaurant is able to offer you quality food at reasonable prices.

2. Rasoie Restaurant

Rasoie Restaurant
Rasoie Restaurant

A place to dine in with family and friends, the restaurant has a great ambience and offers delicious sausage and delicacies. If you are fond of Mughlai dishes then you must know that the restaurant is famous for its spicy Mughlai dishes and the best in the city for ulavacharu biryani.

The best combination served here is ulavacharu biryani and milk shake.

Shopping at Vijayawada

There are three places in the city where you cannot miss shopping, it includes Besant Road, M.G. Road and Kondapalli market.

The centre of shopping in the city, Besant road offers Mangalari sarees which are produced locally and is on the list of must have items on your visit to Vijayawada. Another famous local product here is ‘avvakai’, it is a Telugu word for mango pickle, and for sure it is way delicious.

If you are an art lover then the best thing to buy in Vijayawada for you are Kalamkari Painting, pearls, jewellery and semi-precious stone.

In all the destination is loaded with beauty and surprises where you can observe the magnificence of nature, eat as long as your tummy burst and shop until the point when you get fulfilled.

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