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Night Club in Delhi – The City runs as a night owl


When you are tired of your 9 to 5 job and when you feel like have a night out then apart from the places that you have visited and the temples the food that you had before Delhi, “Dil walo ki Dilli” delights your nights with the nightlife resources in Delhi.

Delhi, apart from being historically rich, is a city of significance and importance for kings and emperors in the glorious past is now modern also and nightlife in Delhi attracts people a lot there are a number of pubs, clubs, and bars for a night owl to dance the night away and for those who drink till their bladder burst.

For a night out in Delhi, instead of searching here and there and asking people about things to do in Delhi at night, you yourself can figure it out about which are the places best for you or where you can find things which you want, be it drinks or be it dance.

And here is a list for your convenience and to provide you an insider’s view of the nightlife that you are craving off.

Night Clubs in Delhi

1. Ghungroo


Ghungroo, a nightclub in Delhi which is the favorite destination of all the night owls and drunkards since 1990s. As the name suggests, Ghungroo will make you dance all night, hit the floor hard and never let you stop tapping your feet, from DJs to dance floor from drinks to cocktails you can have it all under one roof and dance till the dawn.

2. Agni


And if you want to party all night then this place is for you, Agni – a destination for those who are party freaks and is a part of The Park Hotel, Delhi.
The Bar here offers you with drinks of your choice and the floor calls you to dance with it and with the music that is made only for the party lovers like you and the food offered here is like icing on the cake.

3. Kitty-Su


The Artistic club in Delhi, Kitty-Su, is not just a club it is the club where with drinks and dance you can have a look at the luxurious interior of the club designed with a perfect Indian touch and you can never get your eyes off it once the artist in you wakes up. The drinks and music offered by the club will definitely make you fall in love with it.

4. Ice Lounge

Ice Lounge
Ice Lounge

One of a kind the Ice Lounge, where everything is made up of ice from chairs to tables to statutes and everything else. Apart from this icy stuff, this pub in Delhi offers delicious food and drinks, and you can plan a party here.

Other than this friendship club in Delhi

Bars and Pubs in Delhi

Apart from these nightclub in Delhi, you can have a different taste in terms of spending a night in Delhi, you can have dance bar in Delhi where you can enjoy not only drinks but also a disco in Delhi and can have the best of Delhi nights.

Some of the bars that you must visit once in Delhi are:

1. Rodeo


One of the best bars in Delhi, Rodeo is a bar plus restaurant which offers you a great ambiance where the decoration and interior are all based on Wild West theme. Moreover, the staff here is dressed in the outfits of a cowboy.
You can enjoy delicious Mexican food here along with drinks like cocktails and tequilas at affordable prices.

2. Barrels


Remembering old days will make you cry and smile both at the same time and drinking at a place like this will definitely let your emotions flow like anything, the bar has a college like an ambiance, is a place for artists and is damn colorful.
In terms of food, the bar offers delicious snacks and drinks.

3. i-Kandy


The most amusing part of the bar is that it is less with a long swimming pool where apart from spending a dizzy night in drinks you can enjoy a nice evening swim. A perfect part place the club offers DJs, late night dance and gloomy lights with drinks of every taste from vodka to the margarita and from cocktails to tequilas.

The celebration is an important aspect of life be it birthdays, anniversaries, parties, friends and even promotions, whether you have a busy schedule or limelight job Delhi has something for you hidden in its heart.

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