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What is Ladies Quota, Details, Age Limit, Seat Availability & Ticket Booking

Ladies Quota

The government of India has passed many orders for upliftment the condition of women in India. IRCTC also introduced special quota for a woman and senior citizens in railways ticket reservation. Yes!! this is right if you are not aware of this new then don’t worry here we provide full details of ladies quota in IRCTC.

Millions of people used to travel by India railways, so sometimes it is very difficult to get confirmed train ticket or reservation in a particular train. At that situation, it was very difficult for women in a long journey to travel in a train. To facilitate Indian women, a government of India introduces ladies and senior citizen quota facility. It is very simple to use this quote facility while railways ticket booking. There are three options of booking train ticket i.e General, Tatkal, and Ladies.

In general quota, all the people except ladies and senior citizens can book their tickets. The tatkal quota is available for all type of passengers but its tickets are limited. First come, first serve technique is apply on this method of ticket booking. Tatkal ticket booking is not allowed in 1AC. Ladies quota is specially designed for ladies so that they can travel comfortably in Indian railways. If ladies select ladies quota for a reservation that they may get confirmed ticket.

There are three conditions in which ladies quota is applicable such as:

  1. If ladies more than 45 years old is traveling alone.
  2. If ladies is pregnant
  3. Female senior citizen.
  4. Any other lady who is traveling in train under ladies quota will be considered as traveling without a ticket.

Senior Citizen Quota:

Senior citizen quota is also available in Indian railways, though does not appear on the home page, but when you enter passenger details then you will find senior citizen option. There is tick box option for a senior citizen if you click on this box then will automatically get the benefits of this quota. So if you fall under senior quota than use this benefit because under this quota you will get confirmed railways ticket and price of the ticket is also low as compared to other tickets.

When you are booking a ticket for women senior citizen then you may get a double discount as she falls under dual quota i.e ladies quota as well as senior citizen quota. So her chances of getting confirmed ticket high.

In recent years, IRCTC has introduced many new features in Indian railway which allow passengers to travel in the train more comfortably. Now, with the help of IRCTC mobile app women can book their tickets from their home only without any hectic and it is very easy to use this app. In our previous article, we mentioned step by step procedure to use IRCTC mobile app to book railways ticket. Hope this article will help all those women who are unaware about ladies quota in Indian railways. For more updates about ladies quota, stay tuned with us.

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