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Munnar Kerala

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For many of the travelers from India as well as from abroad Kerala is one of the most beautiful states in South India. A graceful coastal strip shaped by its landscape. Almost 600kms of Arabian Sea coast and beaches, Amazing networks of sparkling backwaters, Spice and Tea Covered hills of western ghats. Just setting foot on this marvelous state will give you an amazing feeling. Kerala is a way out from your frenzy and hectic life you can relax and enjoy life as it meant to be. Enjoying and cherishing each and every moment in a laid back and relaxed way.

Besides famous Kerala backwaters, Elegant houseboats and some amazing cuisine to try, Kerala is also home to wild elephants, beautiful birds and even tigers. You will be mesmerized with its tradition such as Kathakali plays, temple festivals and snake-boat races which even brings out smallest villages to life. As they say, it is completely true, “Kerala is God’s own country”. There are plenty of places to visit in Kerala


Kerala consist of numerous places, each and every step you take in this country will provide you with a mesmerizing experience, following are some of the best tourist places in Kerala which you should definitely check out if you are planning your next trip. We will divide this state into three parts Northern Kerala, Southern Kerala, Central Kerala. We will describe each area and what is special in each region and what are the best places to visit in Kerala in the respective region. We will start off with Southern Kerala


Southern Kerala consists of coaster area from Alleppey’s backwaters up to the Tamilnadu border. This area is home to the State’s capital Trivandrum and the iconic backwaters and two of the Kerala’s most favourite beach resorts Kovalam and Varkala.

Following are this regions top sights which you should visit

1.Museum of History and Heritage (Thiruvananthapuram/ Trivandrum)
2.Napier Museum (Thiruvananthapuram/ Trivandrum)
3.Matha Amrithanandamayi Mission Ashram ( Alleppey)
4.Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary (Kumarakom)
5.Puthe Maliga Palace Museum (Thiruvananthapuram/ Trivandrum)
6.Krishnapuram Palace Museum (Thiruvananthapuram/ Trivandrum)
7.Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary (Neyyar)
8.Ponnumthuruthu (Golden) Island ( Varkala)


Central Kerala gets his coastal region roughly from north of Alleppey to Thrissur.  For many travellers the highlight of this region is Kochi or Cochin. But this region offers a wealth in the cultural activities and delights ranging from temple festivals to backwater adventures.

Below are the top sightings of this place which I recommend you should check out.

1.Pardesi Synagogue (Kochi/Cochin)
2.Mattancherry Palace (Kochi/Cochin)
3.Chinese Fishing Nets (Kochi/Cochin)
4.Kerala Folklore Museum (Kochi/Cochin)
5.Hill Palace Museum (Kochi/Cochin)
6. Synagogue (North Paravur, Chennamangalam)
7.Archeology Museum (Thrissur/Trichur)
8.Indo-Portuguese Museum (Kochi/Cochin)


The Malabar coast from Calicut to Karnataka border consists of amazing coastal villages and beaches which are far less Crowded than those in the south the only thing is the area around the Kannur is very fastly developing. To the east, you will see the rise of western Ghats towards the beautiful Wayanad district.
Below are some of the best locations which you should definitely check out if you are planning to visit this region

1.Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary (Wayanad)
2.Edakkal Caves(Wayanad)
3.Kerala Dinesh Bidi Co-operative (Kannur)
4.Thirunelly Temple (Wayanad)
5.Arakkal Museum (Kannur)
6.Wayanad Heritage Museum (Wayanad)
7.St. Angelo Fort (Kannur)
8.Bekal Fort(Bekal)

These are the main regions in which Kerala can be divided to travel. But except these regions, there are so many other places that you should definitely check out while in Kerala. If you are into Hill Side Beauty and bird sanctuaries then Kerala also offer you some amazing views from the Western Ghats.

Kerala Holidays

Kerala is made for everyone. It doesn’t matter how old you are you can always enjoy your Kerala Holidays. Kerala is one of the best destination for children, adults as well as for newly married couples. Kerala’s exotic beauty and scenery make the couple to increase their romance.

Places mentioned below are the most romantic places to visit in Kerala for honeymoon

1. Munnar Kerala

Munnar Kerala
Munnar Kerala

It’s amazing to be with your partner witnessing the beauty of Hills and a sunset.



Enhance your romance while you stay on a house boat and enjoy the amazing scenery of the backwaters while you get served with freshly prepared meals.



The beauty of the calm sea and a bright blue sky and a long walk with your partner, what better way to increase the romance.

Now, Enough with the newlyweds and their honeymoons lets talk about one of the most important things you should definitely do when you visit Kerala, SHOPPING!

Kerala Attractions

Kerala offers you a wide variety of things to shop.

So we are going to go through some of the best Kerala shopping attractions

1.Spice Market (Kochi)

Spice Market (Kochi)
Spice Market (Kochi)

If you are looking for some exotic spices then you should definitely visit this market, you will find a variety of flavours and spices which will help you to make your food even more tastier.

2.Connemara Market (Trivandrum)

Connemara Market (Trivandrum)
Connemara Market (Trivandrum)

This market is really great and famous for a variety of things like Spices, Live goats, Fish, Clothes and if you are wine lover then you should definitely visit this place at Christmas time.

3.Pulickatti Handicrafts (Alappuzha)

Pulickatti Handicrafts (Alappuzha)
Pulickatti Handicrafts (Alappuzha)

If you are into handicrafts then you should definitely go to this place. It offers a variety of artefacts and souvenirs.

Everybody should visit this amazing country at least once in a lifetime. If you are busy and don’t have time to visit this amazing state then I really recommend you to free your time. As the experience will leave you mesmerized. There are various tourism companies which offer various kinds of Kerala tourism packages these include packages like a Kerala honeymoon packages or even just a normal trip. Most of these packages are of 9 to 10 days and they cover most of the main attractions of Kerala. But if you are in a hurry and you are only looking for tourist places in Kerala for 3 days then you can mostly cover either northern or central or western Kerala but keep in mind Kerala is meant to be enjoyed and relaxed so I suggest you take your time and visit and enjoying Kerala.

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