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Haridwar Ganga Har Ki Pauri – Let’s get drown in holy water

haridwar ganga aarti

The Ganges or also known as Ganga one of the largest river in India. It passes through two nations India and Bangladesh. Its origins in the Himalayas and passes through India and Bangladesh and meets the Bay of Bengal. It travels a total distance of almost 2000 km. It is known as the third largest river. Not only its geographical and physical form is important to India but this river is also considered as the most sacred river by the Hindus. Lots of Indian people depend on the Ganga for their day to day life. This river is worshipped as a Goddess Ganga in Hindu culture.

The river origins from the Gangotri Glacier in the Himalayas. It is known that Alaknanda, Dhauliganga, Nandakini, Pindar, Mandakini, and Bhagirathi all of these five streams of the river meet together also known as the Panch Prayag to create the proper Ganga River that we see. After following a narrow path through the Himalayan Mountain, The Ganga Emerges at the Rishikesh Mountains and then meets a large space at the at the Gangetic Plains at the town of Haridwar in the State of Uttarakhand. There is a dam at Haridwar which helps to divert some of the waters from the river to irrigate the Doab region of Uttar Pradesh. From this point, the Ganga’s Path was to the South west now slowly begins to turn towards the South East through the plains of Northen India.

The river flows through some of the major cities in the Northen India including Kannauj, Farukhabad, and Kanpur and then along the way it is joined by another river called Ramganga. Later on, The Ganga joins the Yamuna River at the Triveni Sangam at Allahabad. At this meet, you can easily see that the Confluence of Yamuna is larger than the Ganga. Now that the River is flowing east it meets other Rivers like Tamsa River, Gomti River, Ghagra River which is also known as the Karnali River this river is the largest tributaries to Ganges water flow, Later on from the south the Ganges is joined by the Son River, Gandaki River, and then the Kosi River flowing from Nepal. and then, later on, flowing through Bangladesh the River ends its course at the Bay of Bengal

As from the above info, you have come to know that Ganga is really the lifeline of the Northen India, It holds so much in its power, People are dependant on this river both in their actual day to day lives as well as in their Spiritual rituals as well. Ganga holds very special place in the Hindu Religion. it is believed that bathing in the Ganga River allows a person to wash away all of his sins and then he can easily achieve Moksha. Attaining Moksha means that person is now free from the cycle of Life and death.

Haridwar is the first place where the river Ganga leaves the Mountains and meets the Plain field. That’s why it holds so much importance. There is a temple called Har ki Pauri situated at the Banks of River Ganga which holds the most important place in Hindu Religion.

Har Ki Pauri

This Temple is basically a Ghat where all of the people come to worship the river, Ganga. There are two temples in Har ki Pauri Haridwar. One is known as the Gangeshwar Temple and other is known as the Shree Ganga Temple. Both of these temples are adjacent to each other. It is believed that Both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu Visited this temple during the Vedic times. There is a large footprint on a stone wall in the Shree Ganga Mandir. which is believed to be the footprint of Lord Vishnu. This Ghat is also a prime location for Kumbh Mela. Which is the largest gathering of human beings on the planet. This ghat serves as the main venue for Kumbh Mela. This Kumbh Mela is hosted after every twelve years in Haridwar. Not only that but also Ardh Kumbh Mela which is held after every six years is also hosted on this venue.

Lots of people from different places from around the globe visit this place and perform their ritualistic bath to attain freedom from all of their sins and to gain Moksha. Moksha is basically a Hindu term which stands for the one who is free from the cycle of life and death.

Har Ki Pauri
Har Ki Pauri

Haridwar Ganga Arti

Another main attraction which attracts tourists to this place is the Ganga Arti. Every evening. During each evening at the time of sunset priests gather together and perform Ganga Aarti to worship the river. the lights are set on the water to drift downstream during that time people in large numbers gather at both the banks of the river and sing praises. While chants fill the air the priest hold the large fire bowl in their hands and bells and gongs in the temple start ringing the whole experience is truly mesmerizing. people float Diyas with a Burning Flicker and a flower in them this represents the symbol for Hopes and wishes. All of these present a spectacular view.

Ganga is not only geologically but also religiously holds a very important place in India. Government is also now taking actions to clean the polluted water and restore the heritage of Gana. Even the national water Animal of India is Dolphins which can be found in the Ganges river. If you are visiting Haridwar then I must recommend you to visit the Ganga Aarti, The Aarti is held in the morning as well as in the evening, But if you want to enjoy the view of the lamps then you must visit it during the evening.

haridwar ganga aarti
haridwar ganga aarti
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