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Check Train Running Status

Check IRCTC PNR Status

Gone are the times when you didn’t have options to check the running status of the train and you have to call everytime at the railways office to check the status of the train.Actually their was no means to check the status of the train may be because of the lack of information. In today’s world people don’t have time for waiting on the stations for long and sitting on platform from long time just to wait for their train to arrive instead people have become much more smarter these days .

Their are a lots of applications which are providing a tab to check the status of your train which you have been waiting for long. Train running status can make your heart beat at ease when you are late for your train and you came to know that the train has not yet departed from the last station .Since these give you all information about the train running status. Train status is usually checked by people who are waiting for the train to come and sometimes it is used by the people who have not booked a ticket and waiting for train to come so that they can travel easily may be by bribing the ticket collector. Now you can check the status by simply following the following steps on any of the websites which may be providing the train running status-

Check IRCTC PNR Status

Check IRCTC PNR Status
Check IRCTC PNR Status

Train running status is a smart feature you just need to know the station codes, IRCTC PNR status and station name.

1.Enter the Five digit number of the train and click on the above status.
2.It will lead you to a new web page and also will open other details about it.
3. Then you have to provide information about your journey date and journey status then you can click on train running status.
4.You need to enter your journey date and destination and click on the train running station button
5.A new web page will be displayed it will give you information about the whole status of the train its arrival time and departure time.
6.To get the running status correctly it is important that you should enter all the information correctly.
7. The most confusing thing that people come across is to select the journey date.

Suppose you want to check the train status of 19310 (Shanti express). You can check the status of the train easily. Suppose if you were checking the train status of a train travelling at 23.59 after one minute the day will change to yesterday

In case your train running status have not dispalyed properly their might be several reasons for that

*Either you have entered an incorrect train number.
*It may be possible that train day has changed and it no more run on the same day.
*It may be possible that train is late and yet not has started from the source station.

What important information can be gained from train current status

1. Current location of train.
2. The very last station from which train has departed.
3.whether the train is delayed
4. Arrival time that can be expected by the train.
5.Departure time that may be expected by train.

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