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IRCTC Tatkal Booking Tricks {100% Works}

IRCTC Tatkal Booking Tricks

Geeting a confirmed Tatkal ticket is just like winning a lottery. It is not easy to book Tatkal from IRCTC whether from online or offline. In Tatkal quota only a few tickets are available and booking one ticket out them is very difficult as a number of people are trying to book Tatkal ticket at the same time. Indian railway department introduced this features to facilitate people so that they can get immediate railway ticket.

Tatkal ticket booking starts from 10 A.M to 12 AM daily, so if you want to book Tatkal ticket then you can book a ticket in between these hours. You can either book Tatkal ticket from railway ticket counter or from This is an official website designed by IRCTC through which you can book you Train tickets. In our previous article, we mentioned all the steps to create IRCTC account, so follow those steps and create your IRCTC account to book Tatkal ticket online.

Recently railways mister announced that a person who has IRCTC account can only book 2 Tatkal tickets a day and 6 tickets per month from one account.

IRCTC Tatkal Booking Tricks 2017:

To book Tatkal ticket online, you will require following things:

  1. Fast Net Connection: If you want to book a ticket online then you must have good internet connection. If your internet connection is slow then you will be not able to book Tatkal ticket online at many people are booking a ticket at the same time.
  2. Write all the details like PAN card number, age, passengers and others on a notepad.
  3. Download Auto Fill and save the details of a passenger, it will help you to enter required details quickly.
  4. Open multiple accounts of IRCTC, it will increase the chances of getting booked ticket.
  5. Keep your mobile phone nearby you so when you will receive OTP you can enter it fastly.

Timing of IRCTC Tatkal 2017-

  • You can book Tatkal ticket from 10:00 AM for AC Class and from 11:00 AM for Sleeper class.
  • For Tatkal ticket, you have to book ticket one day before your scheduled journey. For example, if you want to go to Delhi on 11 June then you must book your Tatkal ticket on 10 June.

Tatkal Ticket Booking Charges-

Charges of Tatkal ticket depend on your category and basic fare of the ticket. There are different tatkal fees according to the ticket class and base fare.

Tatkal Ticket Charges for Second Class: 10% of base fare
Tatkal Ticket Charges for Second AC: 30% of base fare
Tatkal Ticket Charges for Sleeper Category: 30% of base fare
Tatkal Ticket Charges for Third AC: 30% of base fare
Tatkal Ticket Charges for First AC: 30% of base fare

Documents Required For Tatkal Ticket Booking-

For booking Tatkal ticket, you need to enter valid id proofs and you must carry these ID proofs during your journey because TT will check your document and if he will find you without id proofs then your ticket will be invalid. According to the recent announcement, while booking Tatkal ticket you will not require ID proof on both offline and online ticket booking.

Valid Id’s Proofs for Indian Railway-

These are the following ID prove that you can show in Indian railway:
Voter ID
PAN Card
Aadhaar Card
Driving Licence issued by RTO.
Bank Passbook
Student Identity Card with photograph
Credit cards

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IRCTC Tatkal Booking Tools:

There are many tools are available through which we can book Tatkal ticket much faster. Here we mentioned some tools through which you can book your ticket easily.


  1. First of all, install into your Firefox browser.
  2. Now open the plugin from the right corner of the browser.
  3. Now fill all your details like your user ID and password of IRCTC account, your journey details, and passenger details. You can also fill your bank details otherwise leave it blank.
  4. Now click on Save Data option.
  5. Now login your IRCTC account and enter captcha code, click on next.
  6. Fill payment details and click on submit button
  7. You will surely get confirm tatkal ticket.

2. Adblock Plus

When we open IRCTC website, we find lots of ads there due which website takes a time to load the page and make booking process slow. So to increase the page loading time, use Ad Block plugin. It will block ads that appear on all website and can help you to book Tatkal Ticket fast. You can install ad blocker from in any browser like chrome, Mozilla etc.

3. Magic autoFill

Install Magic auto fill tool because it is specially designed to fast up your Tatkal Booking process. This tool will help you to fill all the required details automatically so that you can book your Tatkal ticket quickly. Here we mentioned the process to use Magic Auto Fill.

  1. Visit
  2. Then click on Reservation Form button.
  3. One form will appear on your screen which is a replica of original passenger detail form on IRCTC website.
  4. Fill all the required details of passengers like their name, phone number, gender, age proof etc.
  5. Now click on I’m Felling Lucky Button
  6. You Magic autoFill Bookmarklet is successfully created.
  7. Drag it to your Browser Bookmark tab.
  8. Now you can enter all the details of passengers quickly, this will help you to save your time.

Top Tricks & Tips to Book IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Faster & Easier:

As we all know that IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Start from 10 A.M so start your PC 20 Minute earlier and fill all the details there with the help of magic auto-fill tool and create a bookmark.

  1. Now login your IRCTC account 10 minutes before the booking time.
  2. Search your train and keep doing something on the website to prevent session timeout.
  3. At sharp 10 AM, quickly select Tatkal quota and click on Find Train Button.
  4. Then select your seat category and click on Book ticket.
  5. After that one passenger detail form will appear on your screen.
  6. Click on the Bookmark-let, It will fill up all your details automatically.
  7. Enter the Captcha code and click on Make Payment Option.
  8. Fill your Debit/ Credit card details for payment.
  9. Check your IRCTC PNR status online or by SMS to weather your ticket is confirmed or not.

Use Of IRCTC E-Wallet To Book Tatkal Ticket-

The railway’s department of India also recently launched its new feature E-wallet through which we can book Tatkal ticket much faster. E-wallet is just like a paytm wallet in which you save your money and can use this money later to book your train ticket. It is very easy to use this feature, here we mentioned step by step procedure to use E-wallet.

  1. Login to your IRCTC account.
  2. Click on Plan my travel
  3. Then click on E-Wallet Registration link.
  4. Enter your name and PAN card number for verification.
  5. After verification, create a transaction password.
  6. E-Wallet registration fee is Rs 250, so you have to pay this amount to IRCTC for using E-wallet.
  7. After successful registration, you can add an amount to your E-wallet through debit/credit card or net banking. You can use E-wallet amount for booking Tatkal ticket.

With the help of E-wallet, we can book Tatkal ticket fastly because it reduce the loading time of payment gateway and it will directly open the link of E-wallet through which you can make payment easily.

Hope this article will help you to book your Tatkal ticket as soon as possible. Still, if you find any query related to Tatkal ticket booking then you can visit the official side of IRCTC.

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