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Aadhaar Card Mandatory for Train Ticket Booking

Aadhaar Card Mandatory for Train Ticket Booking

Aadhar Card for Train Ticket: As we all know Aadhar card is a mandatory document, this document is serve as Indian citizen identification. Aadhar card is a 12 digit unique identity number which is introduced by the Unique Identification Authority of India to store biometric and demographic data of all Indian residents. In India over 99% people had been enrolled in Aadhaar.

We have been speculating about making Aadhaar card an obligatory requirement for booking train tickets. IRCTC has been cleared that without Aadhaar card no one can book their train tickets not only through i-booking but also through e-booking. Railway department has officially confirmed this development and shared that special software is being created for this development.

How to Book Rail Tickets through Aadhaar:

It is very easy to book railway train via IRCTC Login with the help of Aadhar card and thankfully our railway department has done their homework for linking rail ticket booking with Aadhaar cards. Previously it was speculated that this changes will cause unnecessary delays but with the help of proper management, this development easily practices in railway department.

For implementing these changes Aadhaar card would be made mandatory to link with the IRCTC’s officially website, where train tickets are being booked. Because of this whenever someone booking their ticket using their Aadhar card, the ticket would be automatically linked to the Aadhaar card.

During travel, a passenger must keep their Aadhar card because it would be checked against the ticket, to confirming the authenticity.

Why Aadhaar Card is Necessary for Rail Tickets Booking:

For the security purpose, it is a right step in railways department to link rail ticket with Aadhar card. One of the main reasons of this development is to flush out touts and agents, who created a conglomerate and book advance train tickets using online and offline mode. These types of agents then sell tickets at exorbitant rates. Now every online ticket in linked with Aadhar card, therefore, such kind of ticketing scams is not possible as every ticket has to be linked with unique Aadhaar card. This step has totally eliminated the business of booking tickets with fake identities.

In railways, senior citizens get discounts on railways tickets but they are required to provide their Aadhar card only then they will get discounts on their tickets. This pilot project is successfully implemented in India and Indian citizens also cooperate with railway department so that these changes can fix its roots in the department. Both online and offline medium of ticket booking are linked with Aadhar card.

Other than this Indian Railways also install 6000+ PoS machines and 1000 automatic ticketing machines in all railway booking counters so that people can book their ticket cashless. As our Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji wanted to make India a cashless county, this step is the best to step toward this mission and the best part of the mission is that each Indian is giving their best to implement this mission.

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